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NCAA Team Saves Money, Time & the Planet with Greenway Jet Charter

Aug 20, 2009

NCAA Team Saves Money, Time and the Planet with Greenway Jet Charter Flight
FAU Owls Fly Green, Erasing Carbon Footprint with Innovative Charter Service

Boca Raton, FL , November 27, 2008 - Boca Raton, FL - November 27, 2008 - Greenway Jet Charter, the leading provider of environmentally responsible, charter jet service, recently delivered the optimal travel solution for the NCAA Florida Atlantic University Men's Basketball Team (FAU)- charter jet service for the team that saved time and money while mitigating the global warming impact of the flight.

The FAU Owls travelled to Lake Charles, LA for a match up with McNeese State on November 28, the day after Thanksgiving. During a time when air travel demand is at its highest, driving prices up and availability down, the 17-member team faced commercial air prices upwards of $1,200 per ticket, for the multi-leg flight to Lake Charles. Owls Head Coach, Mike Jarvis, made the call to Greenway Jet Charter and was able to secure FAU's first-ever, charter flight to deliver his team to the game on time, with minimal hassle time away from their homes and classes - all while effectively offsetting the resulting carbon footprint of the flight.

''Greenway Jet Charter provided the optimal solution for our travel needs,'' comments Jarvis. ''By using their charter service, we were not only able to provide our team with more time with their families during the Thanksgiving Holiday and less time away from class, we were also able to save money and minimize our impact on the environment at the same time.''

Through a partnership with Native Energy (, Greenway Jet Charter takes significant steps to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution by offsetting the estimated emissions for every one of their charter flights at absolutely no cost to their clients. By calculating the amount of fuel burned and how many metric tons of carbon have been emitted into the atmosphere, as well as secondary warming impacts of air travel, Greenway Jet Charter is able to estimate the global warming impact each flight has on global warming. Funding is then supplied to Native Energy, a company that helps new carbon emission reducing projects, like wind turbines and family farm methane digesters, to get built and operate. These new projects help reduce the greenhouse gases that otherwise would be emitted into our atmosphere and aid in the fight against global warming.


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NCAA Team Saves Money, Time & the Planet with Greenway Jet Charter Greenway Jet Charter.

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