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Greenway Jets Charters, LLC.

Aircraft Transport Services, Inc.
DBA Greenway Jet Charters
4285 SW Martin Highway
Palm City, FL  34990
Phone: 305.514.0942
Fax: 305.397.2583

Greenway Jets Difference

Conscientious consumption has become a necessity for our planet's health and for our own health as its citizens. At Greenway Jets we have made the conscious decision to help stop environmental deterioration. Every time you fly with us, we offset the CO2 your flight produces, virtually erasing your carbon footprint on the environment, at no cost to you. Green by nature, we are committed to the planet we circle. Join our quest to work together to make a cleaner environment, one flight at a time.

All flights operated by FAR Part 135 Air Carriers (“operators”) licensed and certified by the FAA, US DoT and other government agencies. Operators shall maintain full operational control of charter flights at all times.

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