Greenway Jets Air Rescue Card

Greenway Jets has paired with Travel Assist Network to bring you the Greenway Jets Air Rescue Card, one of the many benefits offered through the purchase of your Greenway JetCard.

You will receive an annual family membership. The plan is available to the primary card holder, their spouse and all dependant children. Your entire family will be covered for an entire year for up to 90 continuous travel days annually.

Once you receive your membership card go to where you can log in and order the additional cards needed for each family member. You and your family will be able to travel with piece of mind knowing that wherever you go you are just one phone call away from the medical care and attention you need.

Your Greenway jets Air Rescue Card offers medical evacuation and a variety of emergency and non-emergency services for you and your family. Your card will provide you services not typically covered by personal health, travel and credit card insurance. We keep it simple by streamlining administration and eliminating many of the restrictions of other rescue cards.

No restriction benefits are unique in the industry; and include:

  • No caps on medical evacuation costs or emergency services
  • No age restrictions
  • No medical history or physical examination required
  • No claim forms or hidden fees
  • No limit on the number of trips or medical evacuations during membership
  • Your card guarantees transport home for spouse and dependant children

Greenway Jets has chosen to partner with the Travel Assist Network because they have a proven track record of successful air rescue missions from more than 190 countries. The call center is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 per year and their medical team will monitor your care and if needed send an air ambulance to take you and your family home to the hospital of your choice. In addition they have paired with one of the worlds largest financial protection companies to underwrite the membership program and provide global operational support.

We are proud to offer you and your family the Greenway Jets Air Rescue Card at no additional cost to you. Not only are we committed to the planet we circle, we are committed to the people we fly.

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