Green Initiative

In our commitment to offset all of our flights’ carbon emissions, we have partnered with Native Energy who helps us help you build the projects below. Not only do our offset dollars provide sustainable economic development opportunities for communities in need, but these projects aid in the fight against global warming.

Hillcrest Saylor Family Dairy Farm Methane Project

Since 1910, four generations of Saylors have been working together towards becoming the farm of the future. They produce high quality foods, while also generating renewable energy from waste and employing environmentally friendly practices.

Native Energy offered an upfront purchase of the renewable energy credits and other carbon offsets to help fund their digester project. Now the Hillcrest Saylor anaerobic digester powers a 130 kw engine generator, which provides power for all farm operations and helps control energy costs. The Saylors will also be selling surplus generic electricity to their power provider. This provides the farm with an additional revenue stream while also creating safe, organic fertilizer to apply to their fields.

Farmer-Owned Distributed Wind Turbines

Native Energy works closely with a diverse group of developers to help support sales and installations of farmer-owned and community based distributed wind turbines. Native Energy provides upfront funding to mitigate project expenses. These turbines will help farmers reduce their long term electricity costs.

Brubaker Farms Anaerobic Digester Project

The Brubaker Farms methane digester produces renewable energy that is utilized throughout the farm in many different ways. The digester powers a portion of the farm’s operations. In addition some of the excess energy is delivered to the local power grid and excess heat from the electric generator engine is used to heat the farm buildings, thus reducing the farm’s dependency on fossil fuels.

Many American farms are land rich and cash poor, making it difficult to implement this cutting edge technology. Native Energy provided the additional funding Brubaker Farms needed to successfully complete the project, thus insuring a quicker payback and better rate of return without putting an excessive burden of debt on the rest of the farm.

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