Heavy Jets

Ideal for transcontinental and intercontinental flights, Heavy jets offer the best in space and luxurious amenities, including cabin attendant service.

Light Jet Fleet

Cabin Height 6.0 ft. – 6.20 ft.
Cabin Width 7.30 ft. – 8.0 ft.
Seating12 to 19
Cruising Speed528 to 562 mph

Light Jet Fleet

  • Gulfstream III / IVsp / V
  • Falcon 900 / 2000
  • Challenger 601 / 604

Flight Range

Heavy Jet flights range up to 4,900 miles. Examples include Dallas to Honolulu, New York to Moscow, Chicago to Zurich, D.C. to Dubai.

Environment >

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimate that aviation is responsible for 3.5% of global warming, and will be at 15% by 2050. As the first charter corporation to take the financial responsibility for all our offsets, we’re doing all we can to reverse those negative numbers.

All flights operated by FAR Part 135 Air Carriers (“operators”) licensed and certified by the FAA, US DoT and other government agencies. Operators shall maintain full operational control of charter flights at all times.

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