Mid-Size Jets

Flexibility is key with the Mid-Size Jet fleet. Ideal for corporate travel, these jets offer the perfect combination of high-speed, performance, comfort, and range.

Light Jet Fleet

Cabin Height 5.50 ft. – 5.80 ft.
Cabin Width 5.60 ft. – 6.0 ft.
Seating Up to 8
Cruising Speed 470 to 527 mph

Light Jet Fleet

  • Learjet 55 / 60
  • Hawker 800XP
  • Citation VII / Excel

Flight Range

Mid-Size jets generally no more than 2,200 miles. Examples include Los Angeles to Aspen and Dallas to Boston.

Wind Distribution

Scientists believe there is enough wind in the Northern Plains to power the entire country. Our flights’ offsets help fund the building of wind turbines. This helps farms reduce their long-term electricity costs. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity a turbine produces means one less kilowatt-hour produced by diesel generator, reducing the use of fossil fuels.

All flights operated by FAR Part 135 Air Carriers (“operators”) licensed and certified by the FAA, US DoT and other government agencies. Operators shall maintain full operational control of charter flights at all times.

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